ESG stands for Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Governance.
Korea Corporate Governance Service(KCGS) evaluates and publishes corporate governance and socially responsible management practices in order to assist Korean companies to earn confidence and credit worldwide.

ESG Evaluation Grade by Korea Corporate Governance Service(KCGS)
Evaluation Area 2020 2021 2022
Grade B B C
Environment (Grade) 0.0% (D) 0.0% (D) 6.8% (C)
Social (Grade) 18.0% (B) 38.5% (B+)  16.0% (B) 
Governance (Grade) 40.3% (B+) 42.1% (B+)  15.5% (C) 
* Source: Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS)
ESG Codes of Practice Introduction Status
ESG Codes of Practice Introduction Status Note
Corporate Governance Charter O
Code of Ethics O
Implementation of Manual Voting System X
Cumulative Voting X
Board Composition (Director Requirement) O Legal requirement (25%) satisfied
Organization of Compensation Committee X
Organization of Audit Committee X
Organization of Director Recommendation Committee O
Operating Guidelines for Board and Committee O On the website
Directors Liability Insurance at Company Expense O
Disclosure of Board and Committee Activities O On the website
Disclosure of ESG Evaluation Results O On the website
Comparison betweeen 'KCGS Codes of Conduct' and company practices O On the website